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Hello, and Welcome to Angry Sam Productions.
Angry Sam Productions offers web design and development services to assist companies run their businesses online. Angry Sam Productions was founded by Designer and Microsoft Certified Professional David Levin.

Whats with the Name?
A lot of people ask me why I chose the name Angry Sam Productions. Especially since my name is not Sam, nor am I an angry person. I chose Angry Sam Productions because I feel the name itself is a metaphor for the intensity and vigor which I approach design and problem solving.

Another reason I chose to use the word "Angry" in the title of my business is because I am so fed up with these large companies that offer lousy customer service to their customers. Customers deserve to be treated with respect and have the right to speak to intelligent and helpful people when they have a question or a problem. I strongly believe that good business is derrived from building long lasting and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Angry Sam Productions offers Web Design Services
We offer a wide variety of web design services and solutions. We can build static online brocures, explosive multimedia experiences, and robust dynamic database driven cold fusion web applications. We realize that e-commerce is constantly changing and evolving. Angry Sam Producions strives to build ecommerce websites that are not only efficient, safe, and profitable, but also display your products and information in an attractive and easy to find manner.

Angry Sam Productions offers Web Hosting Services
Web hosting allows you to share your web site with the rest of the world. Angry Sam Productions offers a unique approach to web hosting solutions. We work directly with some of the top web hosting and networking companies in the world. This allows us to create customized plans for your business so you get the features you want, and don't pay for features you don't need. Whether you need a simple home page, or a powerful cold fusion web hosting package, we will find one to meet your needs.

Angry Sam Productions now features Macromedia Cold Fusion MX web hosting solutions.

Angry Sam Productions offers Support
We realize the importance of good customer support. When you have a problem, we will be there to assist in solving it. You can rest assured that we will follow up with you on a regular basis, even if we don't have a completed solution yet. We believe that you should always be informed on the status of your technical support.

Customer Dedication
Angry Sam Productions never stops working for you. Even after the project is over, we constantly review and evaluate your web site as well as your competitors to make sure you have the best website in your industry. It is our dedication to our customers that drives our success.

I look forward to doing business with you!

David J Levin
Angry Sam Productions Founder and President