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Graphic Design and Photography Samples
Below are some samples from our portfolio. If you have any questions regarding a specific project, please contact us.
Stars the Agency - B/W Print Ad
This print ad was published in an annual industry publication. The goal of the campaign was to allure potential clients to the corporate web site by indicating the benefits of using the online tools available.

Project - Genesis
The goal of this personal project was to portray an exaggerated rendering of the story of Genesis. This image was created by using a combination of 3D Studio Max, Bryce 3D, Poser, and Photoshop.

Photography - Trees
Expression in photography.

Photography - Calm Water
Expression in photography.

Ad Campaign - Brochure

Magazine Ad - Chicken Boy Restaurant

Traveling With Uncle Sid Book Cover
Photography - Untitled
Personal Photography and Poetry Book Cover
Product Label - "T" Beverage