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Web Design Samples
Below are some sample web sites from our portfolio. If you have any questions regarding a specific project, please contact us. If you like, you can view some web site re-design before and after examples.

Some of the older web sites have been moved to the Archives page.

Sophias Thai Kitchen -

Sophias Thai Kitchen is a popular Thai restaurant in Davis, California. They needed an updated web presence to promote the restaurant, bar and live event calendar. The solution was to create a hybrid ColdFusion/Flash web site with beautiful imagery of the restaurant, bar, and food. The web site also features a dynamic calendar and online menu that can be easily administered through the back-end of the web site.

Metromint -

Metromint, a hip new beverage from Soma beverage company needed a web site redesign to match their image and promote their new product. The web site utilized a combination of Flash, HTML, and Cold Fusion elements to get the job done. The use of flash remoting was utilized to connect Flash to the database.

"Silicon Valley Medical Technology Company" - Flash Video Presentation

A Silicon Valley medical technology company needed a flash video presentation to introduce their new approach to sonogram technology.

Note: all content related to the products themselves have been removed from the demo version for security reasons.

Data Solutions, Inc.

Data Solutions needed a complete business image, logo, color scheme, and web site. The site uses a combination of HTML and Flash. Please contact me if you would like to see this project.

California Diabetes Program (DIRC Project) -

This was a big one. The California Diabetes Program (previously the DPCP) hired me to develop the largest Diabetes Information Resource Center (DIRC) in existence. The web site allows organizations to collaborate and share diabetes related information with other organizations. The site features an extensive back-end content management system to aid in project collaboration and content management. The site was designed so very little effort would be required to keep the site up to date. Automated tasks ensure that data is kept up to date.

This web site was featured in Government Technology magazine as a pioneering resource not only for diabetes organizations but as a new way to allow organizations to collaborate on projects to meet a single goal.

The back-end of the site can be adapted to serve other chronic diseases and plans are already underway to utilize this web application in other states. If your organization thinks a web site like this might help you, please contact me to discuss.

Diabetes Coalition of California -

The DCC needed a web site to provide information about coalition membership as well as host an online membership application. Members gain access to a specialized content management system which displays committee specific information, files, meeting agendas, and important news. Members can also use the site to send mass emails to other DCC members. The DCC also needed graphic design work to mesh with their current logo and update their image.

The site serves as an online collaboration tool for DCC members and gives them a way to update and share important information easily and quickly.

Doggie-Bags East -
Specialized Janitorial Supply

Doggie-Bags East needed a fresh and updated look to their web site. A before and after comparison is coming soon.

Maria Passaris Cakes -
Bay Area Wedding Cake Business

Maria Passaris Cakes is a brand new business and needed a corporate identity, logo, and a web site. The web site needed to portray a clean yet classy way to show off the tasty and decorative wedding cakes.

Healthy Skin by Design V3.0 -
Personalized Skin Care Solutions and Jan Marini Products

This is the 3rd version of the Healthy Skin by Design web site. This version utilizes an all new e-commerce back-end system which helps their customers find and buy their products faster and easier than ever before. The site also features a special tool where the owner of the site can assist her customers with product selection.

Old versions of this site can be viewed in the archives.

Peter J Mandell, MD -
Orthopedic Surgeon

Peter needed a fresh new web site which included an animated and interactive way to show his patients how to find his office.

Marin Healthcare District -
Marin County Healthcare District Web Site

The Marin Healthcare District needed a web site to assist in distributing information about the district as well as important meeting notes and resources.

Amplexus Corporation V.2.0 -
Amplexus Corporation - Software for Distribution Businesses

This project is a redesign of a previous version of the web site. The company, Amplexus Corporation, wanted to modernize their corporate image.

This project is currently under development but a preview of the site is available for portfolio purposes.

Blessings Catalog -
Blessings Catalog offers quality natural products.

The goal of this project was to create an online catalog and store for the client. Visitors needed to be able to quickly and easily browse the products in an online catalog and place orders. This web site features an extensive cold fusion back end which gives the client control over the product database and the web site.

The images shown here are part of a seasonal splash page which is designed to set the tone for the rest of the web site. The images and colors will change with the season to fit the current catalog.

Bard Industries -
Bard Industries sells chemical and industrial cleaning products.

Bard Industries needed a static web site which would provide general information about the company and products. The site needed to follow a standard universal navigation format as well as utilize the company's official color scheme.

The site links with a 3rd party e-commerce package provided by Amplexus Corporation. We supervised the installation and re-designed the application to match the web site.

Asthma Treatment Services
Data entry site for Asthma treatment clinics across California.

The purpose of this web site was to provide a centralized data entry and reporting tool for Asthma Treatment Services' clinics. The clinics initially did all the work on paper and sent the forms by mail to a centralized location for computerized data entry. The web site currently saves state employees hours of work and also saves clinics financial and personnel resources which it can now devote to the patients.

Angry Sam Productions v2-
Offers web design and cold fusion development services.

This new interface replaced the initial Angry Sam Productions web site. The goal of the site was to blow the visitors away with a full blown flash interface. The purpose of the site was to provide general company information and share an online portfolio.

Please note: By clicking the "launch project" button below, you will be able to see a beta version of this web site. This example is meant as a design example as not all of the features or content will function.