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Web Design Samples - Archives
Below are some sample web sites from our portfolio. If you have any questions regarding a specific project, please contact us. If you like, you can view some web site re-design before and after examples.

You are currently viewing the web design archives. The latest web sites we have done can be found here.

Amplexus Corporation -
Sells distribution software to distributors.

Amplexus Corporation needed a fresh new look for their web site. They also wanted a flash animation promotional movie to catch visitor's attention and inform them about new distribution software products.

Economy Restaurant Supply -
Wholesale distributor of restaurant equipment and supplies.

Economy Restaurant Supply needed a static web site to provide information about the company and it's services. The site also features and online monthly catalogue available for download in PDF format.

Economy Restaurant Supply utilizes a 3rd party e-commerce package. Our task was to customize and change the default appearance of the application to match the look of the main web site.

Healthy Skin by Design -
Offers personalized skin care consultations and Jan Marini skin care products.

Healthy Skin by Design needed initial branding and a marketing strategy. The web site was to be the primary means for doing business. We developed an advanced and easy to use e-commerce application. The web site featured a shopping cart, secure checkout center, and a complete online catalogue. The web site also featured a dynamic personalized skin care plans.

Angry Sam Productions v1-
Web Design and Cold Fusion Development Services

This was the first web site for Angry Sam Productions. The goal of this site was to provide general company information and share an online portfolio.

Please note: By clicking the "launch project" button below, you will be able to see a beta version of this web site. This example is meant as a design example as not all of the features or content will function.

Arris Design Studios
Web Design, Cold Fusion Hosting and Development Services

This web site was designed for a group of students at UC Davis who were interested in starting up a local web design and graphic design company. I suppose this could be considered the first Angry Sam Productions web site.

Stars the Agency -
Talent Agency

Stars needed a web site re-design and a way to assist their clients find talent online. We built them a new revamped web site and a customized cold fusion application which has since become the standard model for all online talent agencies who want to do business on the internet.

The web application enabled their clients to interact with agents online and easily find the talent they are looking for. The application also featured a powerful back end which allowed the staff to administer the web site and the online database.

California Diabetes Control Program -
Provides information regarding Diabetes awareness and control

The DCP wanted a more effective way to organize and distribute their information. The first step was to assist them in reorganizing their content. We then build an online application which allowed the DCP to self-administer the web site and keep the content up to date. The end result was a web site that provided up to date information regarding different aspects of diabetes in an easy to find manner.

Pacifica Foods Company -
Wholesale Food Distributor

The goal of this project was to design a web site for the company which would provide general company information and link to a 3rd party online ordering system. The image shown here was one of the possible design templates for the project. The current web site located at contains the template chosen by the client.

California Arts Council -
Government Agency in charge of the arts

The goal of this project was to streamline and redesign the current web site which was disorganized and followed no uniform design. The information needed to be sorted, filtered, and displayed to the public in an easy to find manner. The site also needed to be attractive and reflect the artistic nature of the organization.
Personal Web Site
This web site was designed for a newly graduated student from UC Davis. He wanted a clean and well designed web site for potential employers to download his resume.
Tyler-James, Inc.
This web site was developed for an event management and promotion advertising firm in Sacramento. They needed a colorful way to display their company information to potential clients.